Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is the first of its kind in Spain (established in 1985) and it continues to stand apart as a result of its ability to attract talent. This quality has made the Park one of the most important innovation hubs for relatively new industries such as Industry 4.0 which are already playing an important role in economic development.
  • The Park currently hosts 286 companies which employ 11.610 people
  • 56% of the workforce has a postgraduate qualification and 30% work in research and development
  • In 2022 the companies based at the Park recorded a joint turnover of 3,838 million Euros
  • They invested 334 million Euros in research and development
  • Bizkaia Science and Technology Park accounts for 7.0% of GDP, 9.0% of employment and 6.8% of tax contributions

Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is a comprehensive ecosystem which facilitates cooperation and the transfer of knowledge between its business incubators, technology centres, university, research centres and companies from different areas. These areas include the aviation and automobile industries, electronics, energy, the environment, engineering, medicine and bioscience, information technology, advanced manufacturing and many more.

The Park is therefore highly capable of attracting talented individuals and innovative organisations. Among the new arrivals we can highlight the broad representation that the bioscience industry enjoys at the Park (Art of Discovery, Fastbase, A3Z, and the Basque Health Cluster Association, for example), although a wide range of other activities are also represented. The aerospace industry has a presence in the form of Satlantis, as do the telecommunications industry (ITS), the energy industry (GES), the food industry (Itxas Garapen and Beigorri), consultancy (Innotax) and engineering, with this last area having gained five new representatives: Altra, Bop Process, Smart Monitoring, AKKA and Ferchau Engineering Spain.

Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is a part of the ‘Red de Parques Tecnológicos de Euskadi’ (‘Basque Network of Technology Parks’), an ecosystem for knowledge and talent which acts as a driving force for the goal of placing innovation and internationalisation at the centre stage of Basque industrial policy.