The 35th anniversary of the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park

The 35th anniversary
of the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park

On September 30, 1985, the Parque Tecnológico-Teknologi Elkartegia S.A.
was established.

The Park was a pioneer in the Basque Country and in the state. One of the main goals of the newly formed Society was to facilitate, encourage and promote industrial initiative and investment, by creating infrastructure that would allow for the establishment of high-value technologies, along with industrial activities and highly innovative content services, and by enabling technology transfer between universities, technology centers and companies.

After 35 years, the Science and Technology Park in Bizkaia is one of the most important centres of innovation for relatively emergent industries such as Industry 4.0 which have already become crucial to the development of the economy.


A sustainable and innovative ecosystem of knowledge and talent

Thanks to the combined and continued backing of companies, organisations and institutions for an industrial model of the future, Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is celebrating its 35th anniversary as a sustainable and innovative ecosystem.

It does so in a challenging environment, in which everyone hopes to leave the pandemic behind and return to normal as soon as possible. The situation demands major effort from the business network and from individuals to balance health and the maintenance of activity using tools such as teleworking.

The Park has reached 35 years as a national and international reference, ideal for promoting and fostering the transfer of knowledge and talent between companies, technology centres and universities, and it continues to do so in spite of the pandemic.

It offers an environment in which 11,056 professionals develop leading projects in 271 companies, business clusters and associations, universities and training centres, research and advanced manufacturing centres, corporations and technology centres on a daily basis. With a combined turnover of 3509 million Euros, they generate 7% of the GDP for Bizkaia and annually invest 326 million in R&D on projects in leading strategic areas including the aerospace, electronic, automotive, information technology, environmental, energy, medicine and bioscience and engineering sectors.

After 35 years, we can say that the Park has become an ecosystem where thousands of people are able to come together, have fun, train and generate networks and contacts. An ecosystem in which professional and business development is promoted and fostered with services intended to encourage networking and collaboration, and also to foster the competitiveness of companies thanks to improvements in management, strategy and business. An ecosystem which, given the difficult times in which we live, has risen to the challenge with the flexibility, creativity and innovation required to balance growth and activity with the current health precautions.