June 12, 2012

The Head of the Basque Government presents the Korta Awards to Miguel Lazpiur, Justo Ercilla, Jesús Hermosilla, Juanjo Azkarate and Miguel Gandiaga

The Basque Government pays tribute to all the prize-winning entrepreneurs in the 12 years since the awards were launched. Basque Government, 12/06/2012 This afternoon, the Basque President Patxi Lopez will preside over the prize giving for the Joxe Mari Korta Awards, which is now in its 12th year. The event will be held at the...
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The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism set to give €533 million to innovative technology projects

In order to facilitate access to the funding, the payment will be made up front and in full by way of subsidy and loan. BOE, 12/06/2012 Today opens the registration period for requesting financial aid for projects of the Strategic Action of Telecommunications framework and the Society for Information within the National Plan for Scientific...
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