February 8, 2022

The researcher Asís Palazón obtains the ERC Proof of Concept grant.

European Research Council earmarks funding to explore commercial potential of research work The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its ERC Proof of Concept grant to Ikerbasque researcher Asís Palazón, leader of the Immuno-Oncology laboratory at CIC bioGUNE – a member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance, BRTA. ERC Proof of Concept projects funded...
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ENVIROSCORE: Towards environmentally sound and scientifically rigorous food and drink procurement

The AZTI technology centre and the University of Leuven have developed ENVIROSCORE, an environmental labelling system that makes it easy to recognise the degree of environmental sustainability of food and beverages at the point of sale The label is based on the Environmental Product Footprint methodology, approved by the European Commission, and has undergone a...
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Novedades Next Generation 08-02-2022

Información sobre Fondos NEXT GENERATION EU Novedades Next Generation EU________ El Gobierno planea movilizar 24.600 millones vinculados a fondos ‘Next Generation EU’ en el primer semestre De ese total, las empresas serán beneficiarias de más de 16.500 millones. Leer más > Instrumentalización de los fondos____________ Las ayudas del Perte del vehículo eléctrico se resolverán en...
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