February 9, 2023

GAIKER is working on the development of innovative bioremediation technologies

The European project Symbiorem studies the simultaneous use of two or more bioremediation technologies to revitalise soils, sediments, surface water and groundwater Soil, sediment and water pollution is a problem that affects the quality of life, human health and the environment. There are different treatments to solve this problem, including bioremediation, which is a sustainable...
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Spyro Software grows 26% in two years

Last January, the company from Gipuzkoa presented its results to its employees, who were satisfied to learn of their participation in these results The Gipuzkoan company Spyro, dedicated to the development of software for industry, has recorded a 26% increase in its turnover for the period 2021-2022. Since Spyro Software joined the Total Specific Solutions...
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CIDETEC Surface Engineering participates in two new European projects focused on Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing

BIO-UPTAKE and SURE2COAT, aligned with the circular economy and smart manufacturing The European Union aims to keep the continent’s industrial production at the forefront of the world (in 2019 the European manufacturing sector employed 30 million people and represented 22% of the global workforce), differentiating itself from the competition thanks to its commitment to move...
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The huge uncertainty has not been able to stop the robust order intake, which guarantees good production activity in 2023. Attracting new orders and maintaining profitability will be the decisive factors in 2023. The advanced manufacturing and machine tools sector has reached a turnover figure of 1,723.83 million euros in 2022, an increase of 9.7%...
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