Services for society

In addition to the services provided to the companies and professionals working in the Parks, it also has a responsibility to society.

Making Science and Technology accessible to society

Science and Technology are constructed by and for society in the sense that a society that is able to understand, use and make decisions about Science and Technology is a society with a brighter future. The Parks, as a public entity, has a duty of transparency and of transferring and sharing its activities for the promotion of Science and Technology.
• Open doors days
• Udalekuak (summer camps)

Promotion of science and technology among young people

The Parks is responsible for different actions which aim to inspire an interest in Science and Technology, working in collaboration with the companies based at the Parks, public institutions and other organisations. We make a special effort to encourage women to get involved in these areas, emphasising the importance of their role and working together for a true equality of choice and equality of promotion:
• Forum for Experience in Professional Training in collaboration with companies at the Parks, Hetel and Ikaslan
• ‘Scientific Lives’ in collaboration with companies from the Parks and from the APTE (‘Association of Technology Parks in Spain’)
• Visits to centres of learning
• Collaboration with agents involved in education and the sharing of Science and Technology (Elhuyar, University of Deusto, Ikastolen Elkartea, the Department of Education, the Regional Council and more).
• Science and Technology Workshop Day in collaboration with companies from the Parks and Emakunde.

Support for, and promotion of, the role of women in Science and Technology

The Strategic Plan defined by the  Parks sets out a strategic line for the support of, and promotion of, the role of women in Science and Technology. This includes the following actions, among others:
• Equality working group with an annual list of objectives
• Participation in the ‘Forum for Equality’ as promoted by Emakunde
• Signing of the Inspira (‘Inspire’) manifesto
• Actions aimed at increasing the visibility of professional women working in the areas of Science and Technology within the Network of Parks