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Nordic Walking

This sport requires no previous knowledge, can be picked up easily and is suitable for all age groups. It consists of walking with poles in the company of guides, following a predetermined and easily accessible route.
Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park is one of the Nordic Walking Euskadi centres where people can get involved with Nordic Walking for free, working with different routes that have been designed to maximise enjoyment of the Park environment while encouraging engagement in physical activity.
Discover the different routes provided by the Nordic Walking centre at Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park:

Ammma Donostia

At ammma Donostia we are committed to movement as a means of improving people’s quality of life.
A project that offers a comprehensive service through dedication, closeness and trust in our team of specialists to achieve lasting changes in health.
Our commitment is to achieve greater wellbeing for our patients. Because movement is life and life is movement.

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