13 Basque organisations are working on a project to increase cybersecurity in industrial companies

Álava, News

The Basque Cyber Security Shared Data (BCSSD) project will create a secure digital space for organisations to share data related to industrial cybersecurity. Based on this collaboration, solutions and/or services will be developed to address cybersecurity threats and thus ensure a cybersecure industry in the future.

Coordinated by Perseus Cybersecurity and co-financed by the SPRI Group (Hazitek 2023), the project has a duration of 3 years.

The Basque Cyber Security Shared Data (BCSSD) project has the strategic objective of increasing the level of cybersecurity of the Basque business fabric. To this end, over the next three years, 13 Basque entities will collaborate in the research of technologies that make it possible to build a reliable and actionable data space, on which to base the generation of intelligence tools that provide a response to industrial cyber threats.

The result of this research is expected to be the creation of a secure digital space in which companies can safely share data related to industrial cybersecurity. Once this space is created, it will be possible to develop and market solutions or services that meet the needs of companies to address cybersecurity challenges.

The organisations involved in the project underline that “in the future, such practices and platforms can only work if industrial companies share information. Therefore, the project promotes collaborative values and the creation of a community of companies willing to share data to ensure a cyber-secure industry in the future.

BCSSD will be developed over the next three years and is co-funded by the SPRI Group, through the Hazitek 2023 R&D aid programme. The project started in July, led and coordinated by Perseus Cybersecurity. Also collaborating in the project are: AEG Power Solutions Iberica, Bullhost, Codesyntax, Fagor Arrasate, Jakincode, S21Sec, Secure&IT, Teknei, Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Ikerlan, Koniker and Clúster GAIA.

The first advances made will be presented at the Basque Open Industry event on 14 November. In this intervention, Etxahun Sanchez from PERSEUS will stress the importance of the project and its impact on industrial cybersecurity. As a final result of the project it is expected to build value-added services for the industrial community in the field of cyberintelligence.


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