At Euskadi Technology Park, we create a better future for society through smart green infrastructures. We are committed to future projects, excellence and sustainability.

About us

Building a sustainable and prosperous future for society

The business-technological ecosystem of the Basque Country Technology Park is committed to sustainable growth and the well-being of our society. We are passionate about finding innovative solutions of excellence. While at the same time promoting social commitment and environmental responsibility. Join us in the construction of a prosperous and sustainable future for everyone.

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Why Parke

Sustainable business development and innovation

Technological leadership, promotion of talent, opportunities for business and growth, collaboration networks and services with a difference for companies and people are some of the factors that make Parke a unique choice.

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Our commitment

The activity of the Basque Country Technology Park extends beyond the limits of its Campuses, fostering a better, more sustainable and committed society.

At the Basque Country Technology Park we strive for sustainability and the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Through a number of initiatives, we are moving towards a more sustainable economy and a better future for everyone.
From fostering science and technology careers among young people to promoting gender equality in science and technology, our commitment is well-established and sustained over time.

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