Why Euskadi

Euskadi is noted for its solid industrial foundations, clearly committed to Industry 4.0. We are a pole of competitiveness and quality of life, according to the OECD.

Discover Euskadi

A country committed to competitiveness, innovation and quality of life

Euskadi is a centre of attraction for strategic projects, which decidedly embrace Industry 4.0 based on experience and industrial tradition.

High quality of life

Euskadi is an extraordinary place to live. Green surrounds, beaches, nature, culture, leisure and one of the best cuisines in the world support this.

A solid industry

Industry is one of the mainstays of Euskadi, representing 24% of the GDP of the region, and established as a key and essential sector for the economy.

Training and qualifications

Euskadi has four universities and almost 50% of the young people have completed further education. In addition, we are European references in Dual Training.

Committed to Innovation

Up to 2.08% of the GDP is allocated to R&D, and the Basque Country is the region with the largest contribution to R&D in all Spain.

Strategic Location

Excellent connections, exceptional opportunities

A strategic location with top level connections.

2 ports

Port of Bilbao
Port of Pasajes

1 rail network

integrated in the trans-European transport network
(planned for 2027)

3 airports

With international connections

1 logistics space in expansion

9 million m2 of land for logistical purposes. Maximum intermodal connectivity.

Institutional support

Euskadi, a favourable environment for business.

Institutional confidence and economic backing are essential for successful business. The Basque Public Administration guarantees maximum commitment to business development and growth from an inclusive and personal vision.

Public Administration committed to policies of competitiveness, entrepreneurship and digitalisation

The Basque Government and the Provincial Councils of the three Historic Regions offer programmes and financial aids aimed at maintaining and consolidating production and the generation of wealth.

Public Funds to promote business growth

Every year, the Basque administrations allocate significant budgetary provisions to the direct subvention of business activity, facilitating the introduction and permanence of business projects.

Fiscal autonomy with beneficial deductions and incentives

Thanks to the special regime of the Historic Regions and the direct management of the main taxes, Euskadi is able to adapt and adjust its tax strategy to offer optimum conditions for each moment.

Industry, the great Basque investment:


and internationalisation as lines of development.


Euskadi allocates the highest percentage of its GDP to R&D, namely 2.2%, of all the Regional Communities.


Euskadi has an important network of clusters intended to help increase the competitiveness of businesses through intercompany cooperation.


Smart specialisation strategy (RIS3) based on smart industry, personalised health and cleaner energies.


Euskadi supports Industry 4.0 to promote the transformation of companies into smart organisations.

European Commission

Europe recognises Euskadi as a highly innovative region within the continent.

European Panel of Regional Innovation Indicators RIS 2023

Euskadi, a hub of innovation

Thanks to the confidence of the institutions and the economic support strategy of its administrations for the business and entrepreneurial network, Euskadi is listed as a highly innovative region, at the fore of the most innovative regions of Europe, highlighting its position of leadership in the south of the continent.

Comisión Europea y Eurostat

There are many reasons to invest and grow in Euskadi

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