Our commitment

Parke is an organisation committed to sustainability, equality and innovation for a better future. We propose active responses to every challenge.

Parke Verde, Parke Smart

We work to obtain a more accessible and sustainable park with improved mobility.

The Sustainability, Mobility and Universal Accessibility Plan (PSMAU) encourages a rational use of the territory and resources, promoting universal mobility and accessibility to all the spaces and services at the park.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to having a direct impact on the UN SDGs through our strategic lines of action.

Parke is involved in the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 through its Strategic Plan 2021-2024, which addresses 14 of the 17 SDGs.

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We foster gender equality, we take science to society and promote careers in science among young people.

Support for and raising awareness about the role of women in science and technology

The Basque Country Technology Park works to raise awareness about and support the role of women in science and technology through its Plan for the equality of women and men. This plan focuses on strengthening the commitment to equal opportunities, ensuring there is no job discrimination and guaranteeing the creation of a safe and harassment-free space. In addition, initiatives have been created to promote careers in science and technology in collaboration with companies and organisations. Parke plays an active role in the Inspira STEAM project, which seeks to de-programme gender roles and encourage careers among female primary school children in the Basque Country.

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Fostering a culture of science and technology

At the Basque Country Technology Park we strive to take science and technology to society, creating an environment in which a culture of science and technology is fostered. By means of initiatives such as the Musik-fest project, the cross-country race, AurkituParkean, NordicWalking, and sports tournaments, we reaffirm our commitment to society and foster the promotion of science and technology. Our aim is to construct a more informed and participatory society, where we can understand, use and decide about science and technology.

Encouraging science and technology careers among young people

The Basque Country Technology Park works in collaboration with companies, public institutions and organisations to promote science and technology careers among young people. Special attention is given to promoting women and equality of choice and promotion. In addition, a number of different activities are carried out, including the Professional Training Experience Forum, scientific lives, visits to schools and collaboration with representatives from the world of education and the promotion of Science and Technology.



At Parke we look after our environment, our culture and our language.

At the Basque Country Technology Park, Euskera forms an intrinsic part of our strategy, from a perspective of maximum respect for the local linguistic reality. We prioritise the use of Euskera in our external image and communication, and on an internal level we work at promoting it as a working language. In addition, we actively participate in initiatives such as Korrika, Euskaraldia and Eguneanbehin to reaffirm our commitment, not only in a work environment, but also to society as a whole.

Moreover, we guarantee the linguistic rights of the users and customers of our services, and every day we work hard to increase the use of Euskera and to change linguistic habits. In short, we strive to encourage the use of Euskera as part of our social commitment.