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We work with the aim of creating a more sustainable, responsible park, accessible for everyone and with improved mobility.

Parke starts up its Sustainability, Mobility and Universal Accessibility Plan (#PSMAU)

The purpose of these plans is to establish measures which encourage a rational and sustainable use of the territory and resources, at the same time promoting universal mobility and accessibility to all the spaces and services at the park.

The deployment of the PSMAU is organised into three plans:

  1. Sustainability Plan

    We are taking steps to reach the goal of reducing energy consumption by 35% and of generating the energy consumed from renewable resources by 32%. In addition, as part of the global objective to encourage a more rational use of space, energy and natural resources, the development of the Plan is contributing to the improvement of the environment in the vicinity of the Basque Country Technology Park and to its proposal to becoming energy self-sufficient by 2035.

  2. Mobility Plan

    Sustainable mobility strategies and policies are being introduced to the Basque Country Technology Park to encourage efficient, sustainable and safe mobility. Among other measures, intermodality and the use of public and collective transport is encouraged, together with the introduction of charging stations for electric vehicles, and the start up of shared transport solutions such as the Parke Carpool app.

  3. Universal Accessibility Plan

    The foundations have been laid to ensure that everyone has the option of free and independent access to the physical spaces, products and services offered at the Basque Country Technology Park, eliminating obstacles which may prevent or restrict universal access to the same. This goal seeks to be comprehensive, addressing each of the areas of the Park in a cross-cutting, multidisciplinary and multi-sector manner.

Vehicles running on alternative fuels


Climate neutrality

35% reduction in energy consumption

32% increased use of renewable energies

40% of buildings with energy rating ≥ B


Energy self-sufficiency


60% reduction in energy consumption

Are you content with a change or do you want to be part of it?

The development of the PSMAU has opted for a modern and active model of participation, giving visibility to the criteria and solutions proposed by the companies making up the Park, and to the people who work there, the municipal representatives and institutions or interested social stakeholders among others.

As part of the deployment of the PSMAU, the development of several Sustainability and Mobility forums have been arranged with the participation of the people who work at the companies located in the Basque Country Technology Park.

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