Meeting point between business and scientific research, Leioa Campus promotes and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and innovation.

About the Campus

Leioa Campus was created with the aim of becoming a space for direct communication between businesses and the university.

Located next to the Bizkaia campus of the University of the Basque Country / EuskalHerrikoUnibertsitatea in the district of Leioa, and initially intended as a Scientific Campus, it is home to a number of advanced technology and experimentation projects, and has a significant presence in the applied sciences. Its links to the world of research place the Leioa Campus at the fore of scientific development and its facilities are designed as the perfect place to develop transfer projects.

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Leioa Campus Services

At Leioa Campus, the Basque Country Technology Park offers you a comprehensive range of differential services, which guarantee maximum professional development for any project.

Discover the services which form the largest business ecosystem linked to science and technology in Euskadi, and the benefits of becoming part of a collaborative environment designed for the professional growth of the businesses and their people, in a context of excellence, innovation and quality of life.

Rental of rooms and work spaces

Leioa Campus offers you comprehensive, flexible and affordable alternatives for holding events, work meetings or professional activities.

Whatever your requirements, we have a proposal for your event or work meeting.

  • 5 multi-purpose rooms
  • Space for events and meetings


Leioa Campus is the place where green and smart avant-garde infrastructures come together, designed for the people in a safe, sustainable and environmentally-friendly environment.

From small premises to ready-to-build plots, Leioa Campus offers all types of business project a catalogue of flexible, light and safe spaces which guarantee the best adaptation to their production needs.

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Everything you need is at Leioa Campus

These are shared spaces on the Basque Country Technology Park Campuses which can be requested by companies installed in the Park. They facilitate the mobility of people who, for reasons of work, require a physical space with connectivity to work.

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