90 people attend the Labour Reform Conference at Álava Technology Park


The conference, organised by the Technology Park and SEA, Empresarios Alaveses in collaboration with BSK Legal&Fiscal, analysed the measures established by the Labour Reform.

Parque Tecnológico de Álava, 28/02/2012

Around 90 people attended the conference on the Labour Reform at Álava Technology Park today. It involved analysis of the measures forming part of the reform established by Royal Decree-Law 2/2012 of 10 February.

SEA’s legal and collective bargaining area manager Fernando Raposo provided an overview of the new regulation, which includes measures encouraging employability, favouring open-ended contracts and job creation, promoting companies’ flexibility and improving the labour market’s efficiency.

The managers of BSK Legal&Fiscal’s labour department, Eduardo Nieto and Raquel Salinas, analysed specific aspects of the reform, including the new types of contracts and subsidies for the companies implementing them, the measures promoting companies’ internal flexibility and the termination of current and new contracts in accordance with the reform


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