Top quality bioreagents for cancer research

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On the occasion of International DNA Day, Abyntek Biopharma has released a new CRISPR product range endorsed by the prestigious Broad Institute MIT and Harvard to take scientific research to the next level

Abyntek brings this revolutionary technology directly to the lab, accompanying researchers throughout the entire process. To this end, Abyntek offers an extensive catalog and a customized service with experts providing advice and guidance at all times.

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ABYNTEK RESEARCH REAGENTS, a socially responsible brand

In the spirit to contribute to the excellence in the supply of reagents for research, Abyntek has launched Abyntek Research Reagents, a new range of highest quality bioreagents for cancer research, including more than 6,000 antibodies, proteins and ELISA / CLIA kits for the study of hundreds of biomarkers of different types of cancer.

It is a commitment to supply sensitive and specific tools that allow the scientific community to develop their oncology research projects with greater efficiency, making it possible to get fast, robust and reproducible results.

Abyntek Research Reagents is born with a dual purpose. On the one hand, to provide the scientific community with a wide range of quality bioreagents for cancer research, and on the other, to contribute to supporting Breast Cancer research by allocating part of the benefit obtained to this cause.

Beyond the commitment to quality towards its customers and researchers, Abyntek wants its work to transcend and result in a firm social commitment. That is why Abyntek has decided to allocate part of the turnover of the Abyntek Research Reagents line to Breast Cancer research projects, either through donations to research groups or associations that work in this line, as well as through own R&D projects in this area.

More information about Abyntek’s extensive catalog of reagents for cancer research is available here.



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