AR Racking joins the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) to boost the development of the sector in the UK

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This agreement demonstrates AR Racking’s commitment to the supply of innovative, high quality storage systems suited to chilled and frozen environments, symbolising its commitment to improving efficiency and quality within the UK frozen food supply chain.

AR Racking joins over 200 BFFF members covering the entire supply chain.

AR Racking, a leading international storage systems company, is proud to announce its membership of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), a key association in the promotion and development of the UK frozen food sector.

The British Frozen Food Federation is recognised for its commitment to excellence in the food industry, representing a broad spectrum of companies involved in the production, distribution and storage of frozen food. With an extensive membership ranging from producers and distributors to logistics service providers, the BFFF plays a key role in strengthening food safety and promoting quality standards in the UK.

AR Racking’s partnership with the British Frozen Food Federation marks an important milestone in its commitment to supporting the development of the UK frozen food sector. With its expertise in industrial storage solutions in special cold and frozen environments and its reputation for delivering innovative, high quality systems, AR Racking is positioned to make a significant contribution to the growth and efficiency of the frozen food supply chain in the UK market.

By joining the BFFF, AR Racking reinforces its commitment to the highest standards of quality and food safety, while expanding its network of collaboration and business opportunities in the UK. AR Racking is committed to working closely with BFFF members to drive innovation in frozen food storage logistics and promote best practice across the industry.

“We are delighted to join the British Frozen Food Federation and work with its members to drive development and excellence in the frozen food sector,” said Ander Iturralde, Country Manager UK & Ireland at AR Racking. “This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for AR Racking to contribute to the sustainable growth and competitiveness of the industry in the UK, whilst reaffirming our commitment to quality and food safety”.

With its membership of the British Frozen Food Federation, AR Racking is positioned as a key strategic partner for the future of the UK frozen food sector, committed to innovation, excellence and long-term success.


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