Arkaitz Carracedo, winner of the Margarita Salas National Youth Prize in the field of biology

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The Ministry of Science and Research has awarded this recognition today in the framework of the National Research Awards 2022, which are the most important award in Spain in the field of science and research

Arkaitz Carracedo has been recognised with the Margarita Salas National Science and Research Award for Young People for tackling, with extraordinary success, questions of great relevance at the forefront of cancer research, especially in cancer cell signalling and metabolism, achieving a position of scientific leadership and great national and international potential. The Ministry of Science and Research grants this recognition in the framework of the National Research Awards 2022, which are the most important recognition in Spain in the field of science and research.

Arkaitz Carracedo is an Ikerbasque research professor at CIC bioGUNE, associate professor at the University of the Basque Country and group leader at the CIBERONC cancer centre. In 2010 he established his research line at CIC bioGUNE with the main objective of studying the unique biological characteristics of cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, stressed that these awards highlight the value of the science done in our country thanks to the work of researchers with exceptional careers, who dedicate their lives to generating knowledge and translating it into applications for society.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation has created these awards for the first time to distinguish the merit of Spanish researchers who have made significant achievements in the early stages of their careers. The ten categories are named after illustrious women researchers in Spain, outstanding in each of their respective areas of knowledge.

Morant said that these new awards recognise young talent but also do justice to women scientists who have contributed to the progress of our country and who have been forgotten for too long.

These awards, worth 30,000 euros in each category, are aimed at people up to the age of 40 who are carrying out relevant and internationally recognised work in a Spanish institution.


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