Bibagu, the Donostia-based startup that helps organisations to boost talent and improve well-being at work, launches its platform on the market

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Bibagu stands out for innovating in the area of talent management and well-being in organisations, providing a technological solution to the Human Resources area that supports them in the attraction and loyalty of key people.

The platform already has more than 8 companies and 1,000 users who are working to increase the motivation and commitment of their teams. Bibagu combines technology, which helps teams to make better decisions, with in-person dynamics that achieve greater involvement and follow-up of actions.

Bibagu comes to the market to help organisations to take care of their work teams with the aim of building loyalty among internal talent and attracting new profiles. The platform helps HR professionals and team leaders to understand the needs of people, and implement actions in a simple way that generate a positive impact on the day-to-day experience.

The project arose in 2021, when the founders, Iñigo Matesanz and David Larrinaga, realised the need for organisations to attract and retain key talent. According to the Hays Labour Market Guide 2022, up to 83% of SMEs claim to have problems attracting qualified profiles. At the same time, the consultancy firm Randstad confirmed in its Employer Brand Research 2022 report that 1 in 3 people say they intend to change companies in the coming months. All of this creates a real challenge for organisations that have to compete globally to reach and retain these profiles.

Bibagu proposes a process that combines technology with human contact

The process proposed by Bibagu is simple. It starts with an analysis of the experience of the people in the organisation through the launching of daily surveys during approximately one month, where aspects such as work-life balance, flexibility, professional development, leadership, commitment, work environment, productivity… among others, are analysed. Once this information is collected, the priority challenges of the organisation are identified, and the team leaders are accompanied to implement actions through simple guidelines and guides developed by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. In this way, the commitment and well-being of people is increased, resulting in motivated and loyal work teams.

In the words of David Larrinaga, partner and co-founder of Bibagu “our objective is to provide organisations with information on the management of their teams, so that they can make decisions based on data and not only on intuition. Once we have identified the areas for improvement, we accompany them during the process so that they always know how to apply the actions and we help them to involve the workers in order to generate a lasting impact over time”.

The Bibagu process aims to
– Generate more autonomous and efficient work teams.
– Increase team motivation to attract and retain talent.
– Increase productivity to achieve better economic results.

Great advantages for both the company and the work teams

Bibagu proposes a process that has multiple benefits for the different roles in the organisation. On the one hand, team leaders save time in the management of their teams thanks to the information obtained and the support received through guides, videos and guidelines.

On the other hand, workers can perceive how their working conditions and day-to-day experience improves.

Finally, organisations are able to retain key talent, generate a better reputation that attracts new profiles, and also improve economic results with more motivated and productive teams.

Currently, more than 8 organisations and 1,000 users have already opted for Bibagu. Companies such as Ikusi, Azti, DanobatGroup, Ideko, Krean Group, Datik and Oribay Group have already started working to improve the wellbeing of their teams in order to attract and retain talent.

In addition, the entrepreneurial project already had the support of institutions such as Fomento San Sebastián, BIC Gipuzkoa, and Saiolan during the year 2022.

“We are very grateful for the trust that organisations have placed in our project. We are eager to continue improving and adding value to work teams with the aim of attracting and retaining that key talent in companies”, explains Iñigo Matesanz, partner and co-founder of Bibagu.


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