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BIOLAN has obtained the BRONZE A – Basque Award for Advanced Management. This award recognises the most advanced organisations in their management practices and which seek the balanced satisfaction of all their stakeholders, customers, employees, shareholders and society in general. This award will be presented at a gala event to be held in December.

BIOLAN develops, manufactures and markets enzymatic biosensors, immunochromatographic tests and genetic and molecular diagnostics for the detection of parameters related to food quality and safety, as well as health. It offers the market specific and robust digital tools for the diagnosis and monitoring of products and processes.
This organisation uses the Advanced Management Model as a reference to evaluate and improve its management system, and has been awarded this prize after receiving an external evaluation carried out by members of the EUSKALIT Evaluation Club.

Basque Award for Advanced Management

In order to promote and disseminate the importance of Advanced Management as a key element of competitiveness among Basque organisations, the Basque Advanced Management Award has been created.

These Basque Government awards are given to those companies, education centres, health centres and other organisations in the Basque Country that demonstrate a certain level of development or progress in their management practices. EUSKALIT is the entity in charge of administering these awards.

The purpose of these awards is twofold:
– To identify the most advanced organisations in management so that they can serve as a stimulus and reference for others.
– To publicly recognise the efforts made by these organisations and the degree of progress they have achieved in their management.

Obtaining these recognitions supposes a previous demonstration by an organisation of having reached a certain degree of development of its management system. To this end, EUSKALIT provides Basque organisations and companies with the External Contrast and External Evaluation services, with the Advanced Management Model as a reference.

Both services consist of a global and systematic analysis of the management of an organisation, carried out by experts, independent and external to it, which offers an objective vision of the degree of progress of the same, of its strong points and areas for improvement and which serves as a “mirror” for the reflection and self-assessment exercises carried out by the organisations.

This analysis is carried out by teams of people from the EUSKALIT Evaluation Club, which is made up of around 1,500 people, mostly in management or executive positions, who collaborate altruistically with EUSKALIT by sharing their knowledge and experience in management.


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