Bizkaia Technology Park brings together 45 parks of Spain in the General Assembly of APTE


• APTE held its General Assembly in the Bizkaia Technology Park to mark the 25 th anniversary of the Park.
• They have met in Zamudio representatives of more than 45 parks, members of the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain.
• During the Assembly has been informed of the progress that has APTE projects and activities to do in the coming months.
• Motorland Technopark has acquired membership of APTE.
• The Network of the Basque Country Technology Parks, Technology Parks of Alava, Bizkaia and San Sebastian and the Garaia Innovation Centre are members of APTE.
• Juan Tomas Hernani, General Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, has closed the General Assembly.
• The Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology of the Basque Government, Juan Goicolea, yesterday held a meeting with members of the Association.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Bizkaia Technology Park, about 70 representatives from more than 45 science and technology parks in Spain have attended the III. 2010 General Assembly that APTE was held at the Park of Bizkaia, including the Network of Technology Parks of Euskadi with the four parks that are part of the network: Alava, Bizkaia, San Sebastian and the Garaia Innovation Park.

The president of the Basque Park Network, Berjón Francisco, has welcomed the attendees, after which the association members have addressed the issues addressed in the General Assembly, under the direction of APTE President Felipe Romera :

– The development of projects that currently have APTE with the Ministries of Science and Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Trade, and Equality.
– Technopark Motorland has attained the status of park operation.
– Activities planned for the coming months: VII. Triple Helix Congress, Barcelona Meeting Point and CONITEC Congress, among others.

The secretary general of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Juan Tomás Hernani, has come to the Bizkaia Technology Park to the closing of the General Assembly.

While the General Assembly of APTE was held today, for yesterday met Governance, Technology Transfer, Internationalization and Finance committees, in addition to the Executive Committee. Apart from the meetings, members of APTE had the opportunity to visit BTEK, the Interpretation Centre of Technology, one of the most important initiatives of the Bizkaia Technology Park in recent years, that has meant an investment of 11 million euros. BTEK, opened last June 9, aims to bring technology to young people, promoting scientific and technological culture among youth.

Also, the Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology of the Basque Government, Juan Goicolea, held a meeting with representatives of APTE. At the meeting, the heads of the Spanish recognized the reference wind which has seen the Basque model. The deputy, meanwhile, said the APTE is a very live organization, with significant room for growth. ”

25 years of Bizkaia Technology Park

Established in 1985 in the town of Zamudio, Bizkaia Technology Park this year marks a quarter century. The Park of Bizkaia, the first technology park was established in Spain, currently has 213 hectares in the municipalities of Zamudio and Derio, which houses research and technologically advanced companies, with excellent communications infrastructure. In the coming years, the park will expand its presence to other locations in the province of Bizkaia, thanks to the new campus of Left Bank, in Abanto and Ortuella and Science Park UPV / EHU Leioa.
Just last July, gave the final impetus to the Science Park project UPV / EHU, with the completion of final processing for the project. The University awarded a grant of land in the Leioa campus where the construction of the Science Park and at the same time, UPV / EHU was integrated into the ownership of the Technology Park. The construction of this new infrastructure, with an investment public / private partnership of around 400 million euros, will be launched later this year, with the start of construction of the headquarters building.

APTE – Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain was created in 1988 by managers of the 6 first wind made so far, including that of Bizkaia. APTE is a nonprofit association whose main objective is to collaborate, through empowerment and dissemination of science and technology parks, renewal and diversification of production activities, technological progress and economic development.
To achieve its main objective APTE develops various lines of action, among which the promotion, development and dissemination of scientific and technological parks, promoting business cooperation, and promoting technology transfer and knowledge between businesses and infrastructure R & D.


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