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Car pooling

Parke Carpool

Ready to make 2024 our most sustainable year yet?

This new year offers us an exceptional opportunity to adopt greener habits and make a difference in our company.

This year we want our list of new resolutions to be greener and more sustainable than ever – yes, we’re talking about carpooling!

Imagine Parke, an environment where every action counts, with hard-working people committed to the environment. This year, join the eco-friendly movement and make a difference with small changes that have a big impact.

Let’s make 2024 our year! We can make our environment an example of sustainability and show the world how incredible the power of engaged community can be.

So, get ready for a year full of new sustainable habits, eco-friendly resolutions and, of course, lots of carpooling!


Want to join the carpooling initiative and don’t know how to do it? In 5 steps you’re ready to go!

1. Download the Hoop Carpool app: https://apphoop.page.link/parkedigital
2. Register using your phone number and then add your company email address under “Corporate email”.
3. Schedule your daily routines to and from Parke. Enter your origin and destination address and departure time.
4. Wait for the application to find matches for you, people with whom you have a match, and send them a request.
5. As soon as your request is accepted, start sharing!




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