Del Valle Aguayo Inaugurates its Research Centre for Renewable Energy



This morning, the Aguayo Valley Research Centre for Renewable Energy was inaugurated in Alava Technology Park. It was an event attended by more than 200 companies with the participation of senior figures such as the Basque Minister for Innovation, Industry, Commerce and Tourism – Barnabé Unda, the MPs Luis Viana and Jose Zurita and the Deputy Mayor, Fernando Aranguiz.

Del Valle Aguayo, 11/06/2012

One of the project promoters who is also responsible for it, Enrique del Valle, in addition to being grateful for the presence and collaboration of institutions present, summarised the goals of the company. He said, “For the Aguayo Valley, embarking on this adventure in launching a R&D&I centre for renewable energy is a very important step on a road that has taken over 30 years of dedication to setting up these facilities. He added, “That’s what we did, what we are continuing to do and what we understood for a long time that we knew how, but the moment came when we had the determination and commitment to develop renewable energies: geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and photovoltaic. For this reason, the Research Centre for Renewable Energy was born.”

Unda for his part praised initiatives such as those of Aguayo Valley because, “they create skilled employment. The Aguayo Valley model is the standard by which we can judge in the Basque Country with potential for technological and innovative growth together with competitiveness.”

The Research Centre for Renewable Energy is located in Alava Technology Park with 5600 square metres of space of which 300 square metres is office space and 4000 metres for a solar tracking plant.

The total investment into the Research Centre for Renewable Energy exceeds €4 million, of which €1.5 million has been spent on R&D&I.


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