Five Startups from the Basque Country Technology Park enter the “TOP 100 Startups of APTE”

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The companies Multiverse Computing, PowerfullTree, Data Value Management, Glycoscience and Mikrobiomik have been selected by the Association of Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) to form part of its TOP 100 Startups.

APTE has drawn up a list of the 100 best startups of 2023 located in its 51 science and technology parks in 15 Spanish regions.

With the aim of highlighting the quality and entrepreneurial capacity that is developed in the environment of the technology parks, APTE has presented its TOP 100 list where the best startups of 2023 have been included, of which 5 are companies located in the Basque Country Technology Park.

Multiverse Computing, PowerfullTree, Data Value Management, Glycoscience and Mikrobiomik have been recognised by APTE for their capabilities, projects and track record.

Multiverse Computing

Multiverse develops Quantum and Quantum Inspired Software. Their platform, Singularity, contains proprietary quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms. They have received state and European awards and funding from the EIC Accelerator.


Powerfulltree specialises in turnkey agrovoltaic engineering projects. They use a mathematical model to distribute incident light between crops and PV production, relying on sensor data to position the panels. Their economic model seeks to balance the income from agriculture and solar energy. The company has participated in acceleration programmes such as BerriUp and the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund.

Data Value Management

Data Value Management specialises in data analytics and artificial intelligence, developing customised applications for clients to leverage their data. Their solutions include predictive systems, explanatory artificial intelligence models, computer vision and natural language processing, all based on open source software. They offer cost-effective and fast solutions in a variety of sectors. Their goal is to democratise access to artificial intelligence and the latest algorithms.


Glycoscience, a startup specialising in natural sugars and eco-friendly biosynthesis, has developed a long-lasting mosquito repellent and is looking for distributors in the EU. It is also researching natural molecules for fungicides and crop protection, replacing synthetic products such as glyphosate.


Mikrobiomik is a biopharmaceutical company focused on medicines based on the human microbiome. Its MBK-01, intended to treat intestinal Clostridioides difficile infections, has completed its Phase III clinical trial and will submit its regulatory dossier through the centralised route and is expected to be launched in the first half of 2025.


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