Grant call issued for the Science and Innovation Culture Programme 2012


The programme will subsidise projects promoting the scientific culture, the innovation culture and networks for the communication and dissemination of science and innovation. The 2012 call has a budget of 3,250,000 €.

Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad, 04/04/2012

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology has issued its grant call for the 2012 Science and Innovation Culture Programme. Projects can be presented from 10 April to 17 May and must be connected with three lines of action:

  • The first line of action provides funding for science dissemination and communication projects, to promote scientific culture among the citizens and young people’s scientific vocation. 2012 Science Celebration activities will also be subsidised, e.g. Neuroscience Year, the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and the best projects for Science Week activities.
  • The second line of action will be dedicated to the innovation culture and will subsidise projects geared to encouraging activities at companies or for university/non-university students fostering society’s openness to change, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • The third line of action will support and foster the Network of Science and Innovation Culture Units, the Network of Science and Technology Museums and the local Network for dissemination of Science and Innovation.

The Science and Innovation Culture Programme’s aim is for society to become aware of and involved in research, development and innovation advancements and the generation of quality employment.

The programme will therefore fund outstanding projects with a high social impact that explore new ground in order to bring science closer to society and leverage the innovation culture. The 2012 call for this programme has a budget of 3,250,000 €.


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