Industry concludes transactions in its business areas for a value of 18 million euros in three months


• Half the transactions, which were carried out at the SPRILUR industrial estates and Industrialdeak and at the three Technology Parks, consisted of the sale of industrial buildings and a further 35% involved sale of developed land. • The SPRI Group Infrastructure Area manages around a hundred Basque business and technology areas, housing a total of 2,308 companies.

Basque Government, 22/01/2012

The SPRI Group Infrastructures Area, which currently includes the Basque Technology Park Network, SPRILUR and the 18 Industrialdeak Societies, has concluded sales and business transactions for a value of 18.1 million euros during the last quarter of 2011.

Almost 48% of the turnover for the last three months was managed by SPRILUR and the Industrialdeak Societies, and the other 52% from transactions carried out through the three Basque Technology Parks.

Awaiting the final close of accounts, 31.5% of these 18.1 million euros of turnover correspond to leasing, while the remaining 70% are from direct sales. 52% of the total sales involved industrial buildings, 35% developed land and 11% offices.

In spite of a somewhat meagre and slow-moving demand from the companies at the start of 2011 as regards investment in new spaces and business locations, in the final quarter of 2011 the number of transactions increased, which is a heartening fact as it pushes up the figures in conjunction with previous quarters, bringing them closer to the target for the year.

The SPRI Group Infrastructures Area – the group of public companies belonging to the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism – has welcomed the results and is pleased with the transactions concluded during the last financial year. It also values the decision and interest shown by the companies on basing their activities in the 50 or so business and technology areas, where there is an availability of space, developed industrial and technological sites and modular buildings and offices to cater for the specific needs of the companies in all three historical territories.

The variety of investment support programmes, entrepreneurship and flexible formulas for financing and obtaining property have greatly favoured the opportunities for setting up businesses in the Network of Industrial and Technological Infrastructures provided by the Basque Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism.

A total of 2,308 companies, providing employment for 38,957 people, currently form part of the Basque Government’s business and technology area network.

The breakdown of these figures by historical territories is as follows: 1,135 of the companies – almost 50% of the whole – have been set up in Gipuzkoa, 817 (36%) in Bizkaia, and the remaining 15% in Álava.


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