ISO Expert, Charles Corrie says, “Any changes to the standard has to add value and benefit, since it implies a cost.”


The world’s most important ISO 9000 authority, Charles Corrie, met with the Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, Bernabé Unda after last week’s gathering in Bilbao where 50 experts from 30 countries initiated the review process of the world’s best known quality standard. •The review process of the ISO 9000 standard will be concluded in 2015. This certification is 25 years old and affects more than a million companies around the world. After their working week, the experts have highlighted that the Basque Country is a “safe, hospitable, modern and advanced country”.

Basque Government, 26/06/2012

The day brought an end to the week for 50 ISO experts, whose work developed between the 18th and 22nd June will serve as the basis for the next two years work in the modification of the current ISO 9000 standard and its adaptation to the market’s requirements. One of the aims of this review is that the standard’s established requirements are kept relevant to the market and its organisations. It also sets out to align the standard with other management systems through the use of the proposed general structure of management systems, approved by the technical group with the highest ISO level.


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