ITP Group increase earnings by 22% in 2012


  • In 2012, the ITP Group made 71 million Euros in profit after tax, an increase of 22% with respect to the previous year. Investment in R&D reached the figure of 55 million Euros, an increase of 10.45% with respect to the previous year.

The consolidated earnings of the ITP Group in 2012 amounted to 71 million Euros, 22% higher than the previous year, in spite of the increased investment in R&D and the provisions recorded as a result of the increase in the costs of Defence programmes. The net business figure amounted to 581 million Euros, equivalent to an increase of 12.1%.

In addition the EBITDA came to 94 million Euros, 10.9% less than in the previous year. In 2012 ITP’s total investment amounted to 77.3 million Euros, of which 55 million were allocated to R&D, equivalent to an increase of 10.45% in this section compared to 2011.



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