No. 56 of the EUSKOTEK magazine published


  • The Basque Technology Park Network magazine celebrated its 15th birthday in April.
  • In this number, the main feature of which is the visit of the Prime Minister of Peru, highlights the interview with the Scientific Director of CIC biomaGUNE and the op-ed piece of the Managing Director of IK4.

We have published number 56 of the Euskadi Technology Park Network, EUSKOTEK, magazine. In this year’s second issue, the lead story is the visit of the Prime Minister of Peru to the Alava Technology Park, a piece of news that occupies the first pages of the magazine together with the interview with the Head the Government of Peru, Juan Jiménez Mayor.

In the centre pages, we publish the interview with the new scientific director of CIC biomaGUNE, Luis Liz Marzán, who has talked to us about his joining the centre, his vision and his challenges, six months after taking on this new responsibility.

The opinion pages include an article penned by the managing director of IK4, José Miguel Erdozain, who talks about R&D&i as a challenge to emerge from the economic crisis.

As well as all of this, EUSKOTEK publishes news on the activity of our Technology Parks and the companies located in them.

See/download EUSKOTEK no. 56

EUSKOTEK – 15 years

The first issue of the EUSKOTEK magazine was published in April 1998: La Red de Parques Tecnológicos del País Vasco (The Basque Country Technology Park Network) was the headline on the cover that also mentioned that the Basque Park Network (then made up of three parks) had 104 companies and 3541 jobs. 15 years later, the Park Network now has 430 companies installed and almost 15,000 jobs. To see/download the first issue, click here: EUSKOTEK no. 1

Since that first issue, EUSKOTEK has been published every three months in these 15 years, years in which its design has been updated and modernised, but that has stood firm in its aim of publishing the reality of the Euskadi Technology Parks. All the issues of the magazine published to date are available in the Basque Park Network website: EUSKOTEK collection


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