Owl Genomics opens new installations at the Bizkaia Technology Park


The biotechnology company, Owl Genomics, has opened their new head office in building 502 of the Bizkaia Technology Park, thus reinforcing their strategy of expansion. The new head office has a surface area of more than 600 m², with facilities including a spacious hall containing state-of-the-art equipment and a modern laboratory for the preparation of samples. The opening ceremony was attended by the Councillor for Health, Rafael Bengoa.

Owl Genomics is a biotechnology company focussing on human health; it was founded in 2002, with the principal objective of identifying diagnosis markers and therapeutic targets in highly prevalent complex diseases, initially focussing on liver-related disease. With a team headed by Dr Jose María Mato, specialist in hepatic disease, the leading shareholder of the company is the venture capital company, Cross Road Biotech.

Using metabolimics, a new technology combining high-precision liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry, Owl Genomics has selected biomarkers for the diagnosis of steatosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Owl Genomics has just reached an exceptional milestone with the launch of the first in-vitro diagnosis method based on metabolimics, named owl liver, which determines the advance of the disease with a simple blood test.


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