Irune Barañano las Santas

Senior Automatic and Electronic Industrial Engineering

Collaborative development of 4.0 manufacturing technologies in the Basque Wind Industry

Ainara Valverde

Predoctoral researcher

Ainhoa Angulo Ordorika

Higher Industrial Electrical Engineering

Aintzane Olozaga Szekely

Computer Engineering

Alaitz Urrutia Garmendia

Industrial Technical Engineering

Alba Castellón

Computer Engineering

Amaia Bizkarguenaga

Head of TETRA communications service at ITELAZPI

Amaia Eguidazu

Senior Engineering in Automation and Measurement

Amaia Escalada Maestro

Technical Electronics Engineering

Amaia García Bilbao

PhD in Biology

Ana Isabel Miguel González

Sciences - Physics


Advanced welding activities

Ane Pérez de Nanclares Gabiña

Master in Telecommunications Engineering

Beatriz Bellanco Anibarro

Bachelor of Physical Sciences

Begoña Pérez Villarreal

EIT Food South Director

Carmen Galindo

Project Manager, Agronomial Engineer

Dra. Graciela Martínez-Paredes

Specialised in electrochemistry and developing new applications of biosensor technology for different subsectors of the food industry.

Dra. Joana Gangoiti

Researcher in the area of Biotechnology

Dra. Jone Garate

Researcher in the area of Product Development

Dra. Larraitz Añorga

Scientific Director

Edurne Villanueva Saracho

Industrial Technical Engineering in Industrial Electronics

Elena Murga

Electronic Engineer

Elvira Domingo

RIS Programme Manager, Food Technologist

Estefanía Abad

PhD in Physics

Esther Alonso Fernández

Telecommunications Technical Engineer

Eva Andino Santamaria

Senior Telecommunications Engineering

Eva González

PhD in Chemistry

Fangyuan Zheng

Predoctoral researcher

Haizea González

PhD in industrial engineering

Idoia Mazkiaran Zelaia

Higher Telecommunications Engineering.

Idoia Mugarza

Telecommunications Engineer

Irantzu Furunbarena Doval

Technical Engineering

Irune Barañano las Santas

Senior Automatic and Electronic Industrial Engineering


Graduate in Food Science and Technology

Itziar Cuenca Beristain

Bachelor of Economics and Business

Itziar Santxez

Graduate in Physics

Izaro Ayesta

PhD in industrial engineering

Izaskun García


Izaskun Lara

Senior Computer Engineer

Izaskun Ruzicka Blabas

Industrial Technical Engineering in mechanics

Jessica Gutierrez

Ingeniera técnica

Joana Pelaz Sánchez

PhD in Materials Science and Technology

Jone Renteria Aguirregabiria

Biomedical Engineering. Master in Biostatistics (UOC-UB)

Jone Retolaza

Industrial engineer

Juliet Bray

Startup Support Manager

Lara Rodríguez Ortega

RIS Project Manager, Food Technologist

Leire Alonso Oqueranza

Technical Engineering in Telecommunications Systems

Leire Celaya

Predoctoral researcher

Leire Malaxetxebarria Arriaga

Superior Technique in Electrical Product Development

Leire Mendizabal Echeverria

Technical Engineering in Industrial Electronics

Lorena Germán Ayuso

Chemical Engineering

Maider Núñez Ibero

Master's in Industrial Organisation Engineering in Marketing

Maitane Gurrutxaga Pagola

Mechanical engineer

Maitane Urien

Master's degree in biomedical research

Maitena Concha Pagoaga

Degree in Sciences-Physics

Margarita Rodríguez Montes

Degree in computer science