Nerea Ordás

Materials Engineering

Her research is mainly focused on developing materials for extreme applications, including nuclear fusion and the petrochemical industry. Currently, her main lines of work are as follows: high-performance copper alloys, oxide dispersion-strengthened (ODS) stainless steel with high hot creep resistance, super-duplex stainless steels with high corrosion resistance, all obtained through the powder metallurgy process and including consolidation through the simultaneous application of pressure and temperature (Hot Isostatic Pressing, HIP). Furthermore, in recent years, she has taken part in research projects to develop strong bonds between dissimilar materials through solid state diffusion, by applying HIP, and obtaining metal components through additive manufacturing.

Adriana Ramos Morcillo

Head of Software Development Projects

Ainara Estanga

Neuropsychologist. PhD in Neurosciences

Ainara López Ortega

PhD in Materials Engineering

Ainhoa Cortés


Ainhoa Rezola

Telecommunications Engineer and PhD in Applied Engineering

Alba Centeno

Scientific Researcher

Amaia Jiménez

Degree in Mathematics

Amaia Ortega

Scientific Researcher

Amaia Rebollo

Head of Production

Amaia Zurutuza

Scientific Director

Amaya García-Eizaga

Degree in Computer Engineering

Amaya Igartua Aranzabal

Principal Researcher

Anastasia Klimovich-Gray

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ane Iriondo Juaristi

Neurobiologist. PhD in Neurosciences

Angela Veiga

Materials Engineering

Arantxa Maestre

Scientific Researcher

Beatriz Alonso

Research Technician

Clara García Astrain

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dina Niculaes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Efthymia Kapnoula

Postdoctoral Researcher

Eleftheria Diamanti

Postdoctoral researcher

Elisabeth Viles

Degree in Mathematics

Esther Alonso Fernández

Industrial Technical Engineering in Industrial Electronics

Gabriela Desiree Tormet

Postdoctoral researcher

Haiett Fornies Bustamante

Senior Programmer

Idoia Lanseros Vigiola

Master in e-Business and Biga Data and Business Intelligence Program

Igone Velez Isasmendi

Telecommunications Engineering

Ilargi Napal

Research Technician

Irantzu Llarena

Degree in Physical Chemistry

Irantzu Llarena

Technological platform manager

Jaione Arrizabalaga

Research associate

Larraitz Etxeberria

Degree in Biology

Laura Odriozola

Veterinary medicine

Maialen Ramírez Becerro

Laboratory technician

Maite García Sebastián

Bioinformatics. PhD in Computer Engineering

Maite Mujika

Researcher in the Biodevices group

María Ortiz de Zárate Retana

Head of Marketing and Digital Development

María Regato Herbella

PhD Student in Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials

Marina Kalashnikova

Staff Scientist

Marta Cañada Rodríguez

Top imaging technician for diagnosis

Marta Fernández-Santidrian

Production Technician

Marta Ormazábal

Degree in Mathematics

Meritxell Gómez Omella

Predoctoral Researcher

Mirian Ecay Torres

Neuropsychologist. PhD in Health Psychology

Naroa Setién

Advanced Diploma in Environmental Health

Nerea Isasti

Researcher in the Materials and Manufacturing division

Nerea Ordás

Materials Engineering

Noemí Pérez

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Oihana Txoperena

Scientific Researcher

Olatz Iparraguirre

Research associate

Patricia Fernández López

Predoctoral Researcher

Saioa Arrizabalaga

Director of the Data Analysis and Information Management Group

Saioa Herrero López

Principal Researcher

Saioa Mujika Errazkin

Computer Engineer

Sendy Caffarra

Postdoctoral Researcher

Shandra Sainz


Silvia Vázquez Díaz

PhD in Research

Susana Carregal Romero

Research associate