Sarenet launches the DÉDALO platform to facilitate the work of software developers and integrators

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It has a graphical interface that simplifies the deployment of applications on Kubernetes platforms in an intuitive and visual way.

The goal is to continue to grow its network of customers and partners by adding more ISVs familiar with Big Data and industrial IoT projects and companies that deploy business applications for their customers.

Sarenet (, the operator of voice and data and hosting services for enterprises, has announced the launch of the Daedalus platform, designed to simplify the deployment of applications on Kubernetes in an intuitive and visual way. This platform automates operational tasks in container management, facilitating the deployment, updating, scaling and monitoring of applications, something that can be tedious for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), who encounter serious difficulties in managing these environments.

Aware of this reality, Sarenet, as a company with extensive experience in infrastructure solutions and cloud services, has introduced Daedalus, a platform that maintains flexibility and scalability, while eliminating significant barriers such as the complexity of commands and dealing with unintuitive files, as well as minimising the risk of making mistakes that can have serious consequences.

Thanks to its interface, developers and software integrators using Daedalus can deploy applications by dragging and dropping components, greatly simplifying infrastructure management. From resource allocation to network configuration, the platform also allows the creation of data flows between applications, offering the option to parameterise flows between programs visually, streamlining operations in minutes.

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Although the company already offers a managed Kubernetes service distributed among its data centres throughout Spain with the most advanced security systems, it now complements its offer with the launch of this platform that facilitates its management.

Sarenet’s objective with this initiative is to get closer to more ISVs that use technologies such as Kubernetes and containers; a way of getting ahead of the competition by simplifying their management and being able to focus on aspects of greater value for their business.

“At Sarenet, we are committed to innovation and excellence in infrastructure services. Daedalus represents our vision of the future of the tools used by software developers, prioritising simplicity and the reduction of application deployment start-up time,” concludes Aitor Jerez, commercial director of Sarenet.

With 30 years of experience offering IT solutions to companies, Sarenet consolidates with this new proposal as an integrator of all the IT services needs of any organisation. For more information on the Dédalo platform, click on this link:


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