Sarenet now generates more than 55% of its total business outside the Basque Country

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Aims to add more independent software developers (ISVs) to its nationwide network of more than 300 partners, who account for 40% of turnover

Awards its annual channel prizes to Constel from Catalonia, Digital Hand Made from Aragon and Esferize from Madrid.

Sarenet (, the voice and data operator specialising in companies, has chosen to reward the great work carried out by its nationwide network of partners, made up of companies specialising in integrating telecommunications and IT support services, as well as distributors of its solutions. Since the implementation of the third-party sales strategy more than 6 years ago, the company has achieved that nearly 40% of its global business comes from indirect sales. In this way, more than 55% of its total turnover is generated outside the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

For this reason, the company has recognised Constel, Digital Hand Made and Esferize for their professionalism in the implementation of projects, their excellent customer service and their commitment to Sarenet over the past year.

The Catalan company Constel began its activity in 2001 as a telecommunications consultancy, but in response to customer demand, it has gradually incorporated VoIP, data and mobile telephony solutions into its product portfolio. Among the services most in demand from Sarenet are dual secure fibre and those related to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and MPLS communications. Initially specialists for companies in the field of education, today they are also a benchmark for other sectors such as industry.

Digital Hand Made, an Aragonese company with more than 20 years of experience in the development of network and internet services, has managed to become a benchmark in ICT solutions thanks to its capacity for innovation and the quality of the services it provides. It offers comprehensive solutions in IT, telephony, web design, networks, geriatric control systems, security and project consultancy, among others. Secure fibre with backup, MPLS communications and data centre services are the most widely used Sarenet solutions.

Finally, Esferize, a Madrid-based company active since 2004, has a multidisciplinary team focused on the creation of customised projects, focusing on engineering, product development and service maintenance. It has a wide range of solutions related to telecommunications, security and IT, having recently incorporated carrier products and services that it offers directly to its customers under the Esferize Echo brand. Sarenet’s connectivity and dual secure fibre solutions stand out as the company’s most in-demand solutions.

Sarenet already has more than 300 partners throughout the country, which account for 40% of its turnover. Connectivity services are the most in demand, thanks mainly to the fibre coverage provided by Sarenet throughout the country and, more specifically, to the Fibra Segura +, which incorporates a firewall in the cloud at a very competitive price. It allows channel partners to offer the connection and security to end customers without the need to become an expert in the field. This is followed by Voice and Data Centre services.

More ISVs to boost its Data Center and Cloud services

Sarenet aims to further increase its network of partners by incorporating more ISVs, familiar with Big Data and industrial IoT projects using technologies such as Kubernetes and containers, for its Data Center and Cloud solutions, based on open source. To this end, it offers a highly flexible collaborative model, without impositions of permanence or exclusivity and a great deal of support in training and consultancy tasks, as well as advanced and personalised support, always close and accessible. Also decisive is the technical and commercial collaboration provided by the operator for projects that may have a certain degree of complexity, and its capacity to configure modular solutions that adapt to the changing needs of customers.


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