Satlantis successfully launches the GEI-SAT Precursor satellite for methane detection

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The Basque company, based at the Leioa Campus of the Euskadi Technology Park, is a world leader in “advanced technologies for Earth observation and exploration of the Universe”.

On 12 June 2023, at 21:35 UTC / 23:35 CEST, the GEI-SAT Precursor satellite created by the Basque company Satlantis, was successfully launched from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, with the Transporter-8 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, a shared flight of small satellites into a sun-synchronous orbit.

The satellite created by Satlantis is a CubeSat 16U and offers a resolution of 2 m in PAN+RGB+NIR bands and up to 6 m resolution in shortwave infrared bands, with a total of 10 bands and a swath of up to 14 km (at 500 km altitude). The satellite is 20 centimetres wide and 40 centimetres high, with deployable solar panels and a total mass of 21 kg. It is designed to have a nominal lifetime of at least four years.

The heart of the satellite is the iSIM-90 instrument, a small camera capable of providing high-resolution images for Earth observation. One optical channel is dedicated to the visible plus NIR spectrum, while the second optical channel is dedicated to the SWIR spectrum. Both combined will be used for methane detection applications.

The GEI-SAT precursor mission represents a comprehensive solution for methane emission detection, point source identification and quantification. It will be followed by a constellation of satellites dedicated to measuring CH 4 and other greenhouse gas emissions.


SATLANTIS is a Space Technology company for Earth Observation and Universe Exploration; unique in the market for its specific characteristics of agility, spectral capture and image quality with VHR resolution.

To respond to the growing end-user demand for precise geographic requirements, such as tracking irregular geometry on Earth, the company offers reliable and innovative integrated satellite solutions based on its customisable high and very high resolution optical payloads.

SATLANTIS focuses on the language of light, translating it for end-user needs, capturing critical spectral information through software, hardware and services for remote sensing applications.
With strategic partners, SATLANTIS provides End-to-End solutions, by controlling its own optical channels embedded in small, agile sensor buses, operated on intelligent missions that generate unique, customer-owned data.

The Company’s headquarters are located at the Leioa Campus of the Euskadi Technology Park, and SATLANTIS LLC is headquartered within the Innovation Hub at the University of Florida, Gainesville.


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