Six new companies present themselves at the fifteenth edition of K-business, an initiative to connect companies at the Euskadi Technology Park

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Aingura IIoT, Cocoon Bioscience, Guuk, Lortek, Mepro Medical Reproductive Solutions and PepsiCo are some of the companies that have set up in recent months on the different campuses of the Euskadi Technology Park and which took part today in this meeting space.

This morning, at the K-business meeting, Euskadi Technology Park presented six new entities from the group of companies that have recently set up. The new companies Aingura IIoT, Cocoon Bioscience, Guuk, Lortek, Mepro Medical Reproductive Solutions and PepsiCo presented their activities, products and services in this meeting space between entities of the Euskadi Technology Park Campuses, which aims to promote contact, collaboration and business development.

With the one held today, there have now been 15 editions of these meetings in which more than 400 entities have participated, with more than 300 bilateral meetings that have generated numerous business agreements.

Round of presentations

The initiative included a round of presentations by each of the companies, and 31 bilateral meetings to promote contact, collaboration opportunities and business development between the registered entities.

Aingura IIoT, located on the Donostia Campus, belongs to the Inzu Group and focuses its activity on the design and development of cutting-edge IIoT solutions for industry, based on the acquisition, pre-processing, processing and management of data, decision support, processable knowledge in connected industrial production environments, as well as technical advice and assistance.

Cocoon Bioscience, with facilities on the Zamudio/Derio Campus, is a platform for manufacturing proteins and enzymes, using insects in their cocoon state as natural bioreactors. It is working towards the production of growth factors to enable low-cost cultured meat production and nucleic acid-modifying enzymes for healthcare applications.

Guuk, based at the Zamudio/Derio Campus, is a Basque telecommunications operator offering fibre optic, mobile and television services, with a disruptive business model based on service excellence.

Lortek, which recently opened its facilities on the Donostia Campus, is a private technology centre that generates knowledge in the digitalisation of manufacturing processes in order to transfer it to the industrial fabric and improve its competitiveness.

Mepro Medical Reproductive Solutions, located on the Donostia Campus, is a start-up that is developing and marketing a medical device capable of selecting the best spermatozoa to improve assisted reproduction procedures.

PepsiCo has moved its offices to the Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus, where it has part of the team of its worldwide digital hub, a global centre of excellence from where the company’s main digitalisation programmes are created and developed. The multinational also has its beverage plant in the Basque Country, specifically in Echávarri-Ibiña, where Pepsi and KAS, among other beverage brands, are produced.

K-business is the Networking service of the Euskadi Technology Park, which aims to help PARKE companies to get to know and interact with other companies and agents in the area, identifying and generating opportunities for collaboration and business development.

The K-business service is part of the Euskadi Technology Park’s BEParke initiative, which aims to cover the different needs of business projects through a new catalogue of specialised services. In this sense, in addition to the K-business Neworking service, the PARKE brand includes four other new services: K-talent, K-impulse, K-future and K-media, designed to promote business, professional and personal development.


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