Spyro Software signs distribution agreement with Kenos Technology

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The Gipuzkoan firm Spyro Software has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the Catalan company Kenos Technology for the commercialisation of Spyro ERP.

The strategic alliance between the technology companies will allow Spyro to consolidate its product in the Catalan market.

The company SPYRO, specialising in business management software for industry, and KENOS TECHNOLOGY, a technology and software development consultancy, have reached a distribution agreement whereby KENOS becomes the exclusive distributor for Catalonia of Spyro ERP solutions.

Thanks to this alliance, the Donostia-based company SPYRO will have a partner that will help it to consolidate its product in the Catalan market. The agreement was signed at the KENOS headquarters in Barcelona by Carlos Fernández and José Antonio Jove, founding partners of KENOS, and Ricardo González, managing director of SPYRO.

SPYRO SOFTWARE is a company with 40 years of experience specialising in the development of software for industrial business processes. Ricardo González, managing director of SPYRO, said that with this alliance “we recognise Spyro’s experience in the development and support of solutions that improve the performance and efficiency of customers’ business processes”.

KENOS TECHNOLOGY is a company founded in 2018 by professionals in the sector that offers consulting services and development of business management software. It currently has 80 employees and a turnover of more than three million euros. It will be responsible for the marketing, consulting and implementation of Spyro ERP solutions. José Antonio Jove of KENOS TECHNOLOGY explained: “Thanks to this agreement, our customers will be able to rely on a single supplier to provide the solution and services from start to finish with a close and personalised service”.

Spyro ERP software meets the needs of industrial SMEs and the industrial value chain thanks to its modular system. The possibility of customisation, modification and adaptation of the software together with the quality of Kenos Technology’s development team have been the main reason for reaching this distribution agreement.


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