Surgical robot manufactured by Cyber Surgery tested successfully

Gipuzkoa, News

A total of 15 patients from the Donostia and Cruces Hospitals have undergone surgery with “Alaya”, the first robot manufactured in the Basque Country and at a national level and considered the most advanced in the world for spine surgery.

Cyber Surgery, from its headquarters in the Donostia Campus of the Euskadi Technology Park, has expressed its satisfaction with the success achieved during the operations.

From the Basque Country to the World. The Basque company Cyber Surgery, based at the Donostia Campus of the Euskadi Technology Park, has been responsible for the creation of what is already considered to be the best robot for spinal surgery in the world and which is going to represent a great step forward for this type of surgery.

To date, 15 patients have been operated on with the “Alaya” robot at the Donosti and Cruces Hospitals. In all cases, and after this testing period, those responsible for the operations have qualified it as a complete success and it opens up new avenues for a type of operation that until now involved a significant risk for the patients.

The clinical trials have been directed at interventions based on the placement of transpedicular screws, which is the most commonly used operation for the treatment of different types of pathologies affecting the spine, such as scoliosis, canal stenosis, degenerative diseases, tumours or vertebral fractures. However, the robot can be used for more spinal procedures, such as surgical planning or bone cutting, and is the first step in Cyber Surgery’s strategy to create a fully robotic operating theatre.

Minimally invasive for the patient and highly precise for the doctor

One of the features that sets Cyber Surgery’s robot apart from others in the industry is its patented patient tracking and localisation technology, which allows for greater accuracy, reduced X-ray exposure for both the patient and the surgeon, improved workflow in the operating theatre and shorter procedure times. Therefore, Cyber Surgery’s robot stands out for its great benefits both for the patient, as it is minimally invasive surgery and speeds up the recovery process in the hospital, from an estimated 9-10 to 6-7 days, as well as for the doctor, due to its high precision, ease of handling, ergonomics and adaptability.


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