The Basque Technology Parks are already home to 647 companies with a turnover of nearly 6,500 million euros in 2022

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More than 21,750 people work at the Park Campuses, 6,588 of them in research and development.

In 2022, 65 new companies were set up, 121 national patents were applied for -of which 56 were granted-, and a total R&D expenditure of 588 million euros was recorded.

The Activity Report on the companies in the Basque Technology Parks for the 2022 financial year has once again highlighted the strength of their business network, with a turnover of 6,480 million euros, which represents an increase of more than 12% compared to the previous year. In addition, 65 new companies were set up on the different campuses, bringing the total number of active companies to 647. A total of 136 companies are in the process of business development in incubators.

The data collected have been provided by the companies themselves, after the 2022 financial year closed, and also show a sustained growth in the concept of Personnel. Thus, 21,757 people work daily in one of the Technology Park companies, of which more than half -12,123- are university graduates. In addition, 1,905 are PhDs and 5,327 have vocational training qualifications. The combined workforce of the companies in the Parks has increased from 20,305 people in 2021 to 21,757 people in 2022, an increase of 7.15%.

It is worth highlighting the high percentage of professionals dedicated to R&D, totalling 6,588 people. The youth of the workforce is also relevant, as 3,861 people are under 30 years of age. By gender, men continue to outnumber women, but the trend is towards a reduction in this difference. The 2022 financial year closed with 13,301 men (61% of the total) and 8,456 women (39% of the total) in the workforces of the companies located in the Parks. Of the 647 companies located in the Parks, a total of 146, representing slightly more than 22% of the total, are run by women. 126 companies have an Equality Plan with measures aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and eliminating gender discrimination.

In terms of economic data, in addition to the joint turnover figure of 6,480 million euros, the companies in the Parks have devoted 588 million euros to R&D expenditure. In addition, 60 of them have foreign capital participation.

By sectors of activity, the ICT sector remains the most important, with almost 20% of the total – 127 companies – 5,158 people working in their workforces and a combined turnover of 1,957 million euros. In terms of the number of companies, the next largest sector is Biosciences, with 121 companies. However, in terms of employment, the second most relevant area is R&D, with 4,029 people, while in terms of turnover, Aeronautics stands out, accounting for more than 25% – 1,664 million euros – of the total turnover of the companies located in the Basque Technology Parks.

Other relevant sectors are Engineering, which represents a turnover of 398 million euros with a global workforce of 2,325 people; the Electronics sector, which has a turnover of 995 million euros with 2,242 people employed; and Energy and Environment, with a turnover of 391 million euros and a workforce of 2,049 people.

Finally, among other activity data, it should be noted that the companies in the Basque Technology Parks applied for 121 national patents in 2022, of which 56 were granted.

In addition, 17 companies are partners or have signed the 2030 Agenda – the most ambitious action plan in favour of people, the planet and prosperity until 2030 -, committing to contribute to sustainable development in their activity.



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