The Emprendedor XXI Awards now include a third prize for projects with social impact


The Department of Industry, la Caixa and the Ministry of Industry have announced the 6th edition of this award, which now includes a runner-up prize of 25,000 euros, the second most substantial of the prizes awarded. At last year’s awards, SPRI and the CEIs succeeded in tripling the number of Basque candidates, which increased from 16 to 49.

Spri, 29/03/2012

The EmprendedorXXI Award will maintain its two habitual categories this year, “EmprendesXXI” and “CrecesXXI”, but there will also be a runner-up prize for social entrepreneurs. “EmprendesXXI” is geared to companies that started out within the last two years (spin-offs); it is firstly held on an autonomous community level, and this is then followed by a nationwide stage to select the company with the highest growth potential in Spain from the 17 autonomous community winners. The “CrecesXXI” category, for companies founded 2 – 7 years ago (developing enterprises) consists of a single nationwide stage. Additionally, in collaboration with the “la Caixa” Foundation, a runner-up prize will be awarded to one of the social entrepreneurs who were runners-up in the previous categories, to acknowledge the initiative with the highest social impact.


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