The new building will have a buildable area of 10,000 m2 and will be available in 2025.

Environmentally sustainable building, eco-design and circular economy principles will be applied in the construction of this new building, which reinforces the institutional commitment to the Galarreta campus after the recent agreement for the establishment of the company Couth.

This action also makes it possible to respond to the need for growth of the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park, as the Donostia Campus is currently at 95% occupancy, with a forecast of close to 100% occupancy in 2023.

The Galarreta Campus of the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park will have a new unique and eco-sustainable building that will consolidate the institutional commitment to the facilities located in the municipality of Hernani and will enable the growth of the scientific-technological ecosystem in Gipuzkoa. The new building, for which the call for tenders for the drafting of the construction project will be published today, will be located next to the main roundabout, in a highly visible location on the access to the Galarreta Campus and close to all public services.

The new construction will be built on a plot of 6,045 m2 and will be used for offices, laboratories or R&D centres, for sale or rent. The plot has a buildable area of 10,000 m2 and the maximum height of the building will be 19 metres.

With this announcement, the Basque Technology Park Network reinforces the institutional commitment to the Galarreta Campus, which already had its first milestone with the agreement for the implementation of the new facilities of the company Couth, which will have its own building. It is also an important step towards meeting the demand for new spaces in Gipuzkoa in view of the high occupancy rate -95%- of the Donostia Campus.

In this regard, it should be noted that in 2023 the construction work on the A2.2 building on the Donostia Campus will be completed, which has firm space reserves for 94% of its capacity. The occupancy forecast for the Donostia Campus is close to 100% in 2023.

Start of works in 2023

The date for the start of work on the new Galarreta building is scheduled for 2023, with a maximum completion period of 24 months. The construction will be in line with the objectives of Parke Verde and Parke Smart, established in the Strategic Plan of the Basque Technology Park Network, and will include a commitment to use materials with recycled content that guarantee a percentage of 40% of the total building work.

The building will be surrounded by green areas, with autochthonous species adapted to the climate, taking into account factors such as sunshine, soil quality and slope at all stages of vegetation and work throughout the year. Green areas will include solutions for the reincorporation of organic matter and systems for the collection and reuse of rainwater.

The maximum contract price for the execution of the building and its internal urbanisation, which will result from the project drawn up by the contractor, must be a maximum of 16,352,200 Euros (VAT not included).

Geographical expansion of the RPTE in Gipuzkoa

The future building of the Galarreta Campus is part of the expansion process of the Basque Technology Park Network in Gipuzkoa. In addition to the incorporation of the two new infrastructures, the A 2.2. on the Donostia Campus and the new building on the Galarreta Campus, we have to add the search for plots of land and physical space in the territory.

The Technology Park Network is currently working together with the Donostia City Council to find plots and spaces adjacent to the Campus located in Miramón. Based on the analysis of the possibilities for the extension of the Gipuzkoa Park in Miramón, carried out by the City Council, the Park and the City Council have held several meetings to incorporate the needs of the Park in the new General Urban Development Plan of Donostia, currently in the process of being drawn up.

Likewise, as publicly announced, the Network of Technology Parks is working on defining the space and analysing the feasibility of the future Hondarribia Campus. Based on the work carried out between Hondarribia Town Council and the Park during the drafting of the new Advance of the General Urban Development Plan of Hondarribia, the needs of the Park have been incorporated into the criteria and objectives of the General Plan ratified by the plenary session of Hondarribia Town Council on 24.08.2022. The development of an area of 235,887 m2 is estimated.