The IES Diagnostics laboratory takes off at Parke Bizkaia promoting “self-monitoring” of health

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The bioclinical diagnostics laboratory IES Diagnostics, located in the Bizkaia Technology Park, is an example of innovation and learning from experience

The IES Diagnostics project, a spin-off of the Basque innovative healthcare supply company IES Medical, arose in the midst of the pandemic, when it became clear that citizens needed to take control of their own health. In the search for solutions for citizens, we have taken into account making science more accessible, making high-impact diagnostic tests available to them and facilitating the user experience and understanding of the results as much as possible.

One of the main premises is patient comfort. To this end, it is committed to standardising the “self-collection” of the sample, which eliminates travel and waiting, as the laboratory sends everything necessary to the patient’s home.

And here we find the first innovation of IES Diagnostics: an innovative device that allows with a minimum prick on the fingertip to collect the required volume of plasma. The user receives the entire kit at home and the laboratory takes care of both delivery and collection.

Once the samples are processed in the laboratory -IES Diagnostics has a robotic processing platform that is unique in Spain-, a bio-report is issued, which the patient can access through a web platform created for this purpose. This report is another distinctive value of the service offered by IES Diagnostics: the information is presented in a very graphic and understandable way, with a personalised commentary by the physician so that the user can make decisions.

The inaugural test in its portfolio is the measurement of neutralising antibodies to covid, the only test on the market that allows quantification of the level of immune protection in specific numbers of neutralising antibodies, which are the ones that truly prevent the progression of the infection. It is currently diversifying into other diseases, such as digestive disorders (food intolerances, microbiota studies, among others) and studying new areas of interest for individuals.

IES Diagnostics, as they point out, has been made possible thanks to the support of Basque institutions such as the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Beaz through the 2i Plan for the Promotion of Innovation and Advanced Investment 2021. It is also a member of the Basque Health Cluster together with more than 90 key companies and institutions in the Basque bio sector to promote biotechnological growth. Furthermore, it has always had the support of BIC Bizkaia, in the Bizkaia Technology Park.

For this reason, and by way of a welcome and presentation card, Parke offers all its employees the opportunity to find out their level of global immunity to Covid-19 (Inmunotest Plus Covid-19). Anyone who is interested can consult the information by clicking on this link.


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