The Mijoa industrial estate in Mutriku is completed after investment of 6 million euros


A further 9 buildings have been made available in the second stage of the works, with a total surface area of 5,200 m2. Deba Beheko Industrialdea has developed 5 industrial estates in 4 municipalities since 1988, with business promotion investment of over 34 million euros. 106 companies, employing 1,442 people, are based at the 5 industrial estates in Guipúzcoa

Spri, 02/05/2012

Deba Beheko Industrialdea, S.A., which forms part of the SPRI Group’s Infrastructure Department and is jointly owned by SPRILUR, the Gipuzkoa Regional Government and Lower Deba region Town Councils, has completed the first stage of the extension to the Mijoa II Industrial Estate in Mutriku, with investment of 6.1 million euros. This stage of the works has provided the region’s business fabric with 9 new modular buildings with a total surface area of 5,168 m2.

All the Mijoa I Estate buildings had been sold or let, mainly to fishing and canning companies from the municipalities of Mutriku and Ondarroa, and an obvious need for extension of the region’s industrial land led to the agreement for the project. In December 2006, Deba Beheko Industrialdea, S.A. began the formalities for making the extension to the industrial estate through a collaboration agreement with Mutriku Town Council, although work did not actually begin until May 2011. The Mijoa extension totals 49,543 m² and the first stage of the works has enabled 14,268 m² of space to be occupied. The stage involved construction of 9 modular buildings, with a height of 11 metres and distributed into six 360 m² modules and three 610 m² modules, all of them adaptable to the companies’ requirements as regards size and location.

The Mijoa Estate is located beside the GI-368 main road, in a prime setting between the coastal towns of Mutriku and Ondarroa. The buildings were constructed with a pre-fabricated reinforced concrete structure and precast panel enclosures. The roofs are DEC type. This is a covering system that provides the building with higher quality and durability.

The works lasted 10 months (May 2011-March 2012) and investment in the project amounted to 6.1 million euros.

Interested companies to date are from the shipbuilding, agri-food, fishing and canning, automotive, supplies and carpentry sectors. For information on premises available at the industrial estate, visit

The first stage of the Mijoa Industrial Estate in Mutriku was built in 1996, as there was much demand for industrial land at this time, mainly from motivating enterprises working in the fishing sector. A gross surface area of 44,032 m² was covered, on which 16,623 m² of developed plots, 8,947 m² of industrial buildings and 821 m² of offices were built. Today, Mijoa I houses 27 companies, employing 256 people. Investment in the first stage totalled 5.7 million euros.


The company Deba Beheko Industrialdea, S.A. was created in 2007 as the result of a merger between the companies that had promoted business developments in the Lower Deba region up until that time: Eibarko Industrialdea, S.A., Mendaroko Industrialdea, S.A. and Mutrikuko Industrialdea, S.A. These firms had been working in the region since 1984 as part of the Industrialdeak Programme, and to date they have promoted 5 industrial estates in the 4 towns in which they are based: Azitain (Eibar), Ibaitarte and Albitxuri (Elgoibar), Erramone (Mendaro) and Mijoa (Mutriku).

In 28 years of public promotion, these Lower Deba region industrial estates have invested a total of 39.8 million euros and managed a total surface area of 322,947 m², 63,918 m² of developed land, 55,300 m² of modular industrial buildings and 3,745 m² of office space. The five industrial estates house a total of 106 companies, employing 1,442 people.


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