VIVEbiotech achieves significant business growth in 2023 with increases in demand for its lentiviral vector specialization and capabilities

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Recent company sales grow by 70%, reflecting expanded capabilities and industry recognition of VIVEbiotech’s expertise in manufacturing lentiviruses, now used in in 70% of global ex-vivo CGT clinical trials

VIVEbiotech is able to manufacture integrating, and non-integrating, different pseudotypes and generations of lentiviral vectors tailored to meet individual needs, using its well-established plug and play platform

VIVEbiotech has this year supported the manufacture of seven lentiviruses for in vivo use, with one approved for clinical trials

VIVEbiotech has achieved this growth by further increasing its capabilities, including introducing the ability to manufacture both integrating and non-integrating, different pseudotypes and different generations of LVVs. VIVEbiotech’s clients also reached important clinical milestones, with a number approaching commercial phases. Finally, VIVEbiotech is manufacturing LVVs for a recently-approved clinical trial where the LVVs will be administered in vivo.

With LVV demand continuing to increase globally, VIVEbiotech’s established reputation as a market leader and expert in virology and lentiviral vector production has continued to attract new partners and, importantly, strengthened relationships with existing customers that are advancing development of their respective therapies. VIVEbiotech now supports 45 international customers with productive, cost-effective and regulatory compliant LVVs.

In 2021, VIVEbiotech expanded manufacturing capacity through the launch of its new facility. The increase in capacity has allowed higher quantities to be manufactured. In addition, the company’s growth in 2023 would not be achievable without ongoing increases in its highly qualified and knowledgeable teams. These capacity and team enhancements allow VIVEbiotech to offer technical adaptation and flexibility while remaining custom-centric.

“With lentiviral vectors used in 70% of ex vivo gene therapy clinical trials, and one-third of all cell and gene therapy clinical trials, the market heavily relies on experienced manufacturers of lentiviral vectors, such as VIVEbiotech, to bring these promising therapies to patients,” said Gurutz Linazasoro, MD, CEO, VIVEbiotech. “This year, VIVEbiotech has experienced a substantial increase in companies using lentiviral vectors for in vivo gene therapies. Reliance on lentiviral vectors will continue to expand through 2024, specifically due to the enhanced safety LVVs offer. As a result of our specialization in the development and manufacture of lentiviral vectors, and our recent increases in both capacity and the specialization of our teams, VIVEbiotech is able to give our clients the quality they need.”

VIVEbiotech operates according to both EMA’s and FDA’s standards. The company has manufactured more than 100 batches in reactors, using its fully developed plug and play platform. VIVEbiotech is able to perform the required optimization from very early stages to develop vectors that meet individual needs of each client and therapy. VIVEbiotech is developing and manufacturing cost-effective, scalable, and regulatory compliant vectors for biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Europe, US, Asia and Australia.


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