1,500 young people apply for 430 scholarships abroad promoted by the Basque Government


  • The 430 scholarship program Global Training to work in companies abroad has had a spectacular success, with more than 3,000 applications. They are aimed at young people with proficiency in languages that are graduates or qualified in high levels of Training Studies (FP).
  • For the total of this project of scholarships of internalization, the Basque Government has allocated nearly 7.3 million euros.
  • Last may, 100 scholarships were already awarded. This scholarship program is part of our commitment to an open economy established in the business competitiveness 2010-2013 Plan.

The background in previous esperiences of internationalization grants shows that young people who come to this kind of practice abroad will have more employment opportunities in the future. In fact, eight of every 10 scholarship holders found employment in less than six months.

Concerning the destinations of the scholarship holders, Europe is the main recipient of this new profile of professionals. However, China and Brazil have experienced a high increase in coordination with the direction of the commercial interests of Basque companies.


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