Alava Technology Park reduces the energy consumption of its public street lighting by 15%


The Park’s system for lower power and higher energy efficiency has resulted in an annual energy saving of more than 183,000 kWh. • The Park has made an investment of €34,000 which will be recovered in a year and a half thanks to the fall in its electricity bill.

Alava Technology Park did an energy efficiency study on outdoor light pollution in 2011, and as a result, it submitted proposals for improvement to minimise energy usage. The most notable of which was the replacement of all the bulbs in the Park to high-pressure sodium technology, as well as turning off the entrance lights on the cycle path. In this way, reducing light pollution, improves the energy efficiency of the Park, reducing electricity consumption, as well as CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

The Park, which has 5 command centres for outdoor lighting from where it operates 481 lights, launched the bulb replacement on its streetlights for the high-pressure sodium bulbs, with more efficient technology. It made an investment of €34,000. Taking into account that these measures represent an energy saving of more than 183,000 kWh per year, the return on investment will take approximately a year and a half.

The study of energy efficiency, as well as the improvements carried out in the facilities have had the support of EVE, the Basque energy entity, through its ‘ 11 aid program.


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