53 Organisations based in APTE member Parks take part in Genera 2012


Participation in Genera by Science and Technology Parks went up by more than 29% in this year’s event, with a total of 53 Park based organisations taking part

Apte, 30/05/2012

Last week, Madrid hosted Genera 2012, the International event of the Energy and Environment sector, that this year brought together 516 companies from 26 countries. The fifteenth event was inaugurated by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism – José Manuel Soria and it provided special topics of interest such as Distributed Generation and buildings that have almost zero energy consumption.

Among the many planned events was a day devoted to the use of technology in providing renewable energy forms that are environmentally friendly. This day was organised by the Madrid Foundation, which has enjoyed the support of the APTE. The day brought together more than 260 participants of which 43 were organisations located in APTE member parks, that is to say, 16.4% of the companies who took part in the bilateral meetings are based in Science and Technology Parks belonging to the Association.

The sector that had a greater presence at the Fair was Solar Energy -Photovoltaic (19.6 %) followed by Efficient Energy (12.5 %), Biomass and Waste (10.2 %), Cogeneration (7.5 %) and Solar Thermal (7.1 %). Other sectors were also represented at the event such as Geothermal Energy, Wind, Gas, Hydraulic, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, Mobility, Energy services amongst other forms of energies.


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