The Inter-American Development Bank looks at the transformation and regeneration models of Basque Cities.


A delegation team of experts from the main source of multilateral financing in Latin America will be in Basque Country from today, Monday till Friday, justifying Lehendakari Patxi López’s visit to the States in October last year. THE IDB only last year financed more than €8,300 million for development projects in Latin America. This is the second visit by this financial body in a month, which may open business opportunities to Basque Companies in Latin America.

Basque Goverment, 27/05/2012

The Department for Trade, Industry, Innovation and Tourism will welcome this week, from Monday to Friday, a visit from the Emerging & Sustainable Cities Program delegation from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). They will analyse the transformation and regeneration models from the main Basque cities and capitals, which have been carried out over the last few years. It is the second visit by the IDB in a month and opens up the possibility of business opportunities in Latin America to Basque Companies, especially in the initial consultancy phase.

The IDB is the main financial organisation of Latin America and its aim is to encourage the development of this entire area. The delegation’s visit justifies Patxi López’s decision to visit to the States in October last year, who reached an agreement with the IDB giving Basque firms access to projects in Latin America. Only last year the IDB awarded loans and donations of up to €8,385 million for development projects in Latin America.

The IDB delegation’s objective is to provide first-hand knowledge on the proven experience of the Basque Country in the transformation and regeneration of its cities. It is these models such as the public and public-private partnerships that have caught the attention of bodies and institutions of various countries. The cities regeneration plan is a new open project for the IDB, who have chosen seven Latin American major cities to find solutions to its problems.


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