Alava Technology Park welcomes the first meeting of the Association for the Integrated Development of Gifted Young People (ADIMAC).


Alava Technology Park Last Saturday 26th May played host to the first meeting of GAR – Groups of high intellectual performers, following the signing of the agreement between the Technology Park and ADIMAC.

Alava Technology Park, 26/05/2012

With an attendance of around 150 people during the day, the main stars were the children all aged between 4 and 15 who came from the different GAR areas: Erandio, Sestao, Muzkiz, Getxo, Bilbao, Legutio and Castro Urdiales.

All those present were able to enjoy the day, getting to know each other and sharing an event that aimed to optimise the individual and collective potential as well as demonstrating the skills acquired by the GAR since its inception.

Alava Technology Park marked this occasion with its objectives in mind, by bringing together scientific and technological research to the social and business world, raising social awareness on the importance of the development and future wellbeing of the association.


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