Visit to the Basque Country of SPRI, June 2012


18 June, Monday – Parque Tecnológico San Sebastián. 19 June, Tuesday – SPRI-Plaza Bizkaia. 20 June, Wednesday – Parque Tecnológico Alava

Spri, 24/05/2012

The Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism along with SPRI, has organized in 18, 19 and 20 June 2012 the visit of the directors of the managerial offices and SPRI specialized advisors in several foreign countries, thus offering Basque business firms the possibility of holding meetings with them all. In order to encourage all the firms interested to attend, these meetings will be organized in the three capital cities. According to agendas and needs, firms are requested to arrange appointments on

The group of business and managerial offices and SPRI local advisors is established over 60 countries, offering different services of backing and support in the process of international relations of Basque business firms: information and objective analysis of markets, commercial introduction assistance during production and implementation, temporary location in SPRI business centres, organization of customized prospective travels, assistance in bureaucratic issues, contacts with local authorities and administrations, access to financial aids…

Basque Government and Promotion of Internationalization

The SPRI commercial activity is included in the strategy of promoting internationalization by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism, as it is included in the Plan de Competitividad 2010-2013. Their objectives are among others: increase the number of firms going international, diversify markets, attract investments in the network of Basque businesses, as well as train professionals to meet the needs they may have in the global world.


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