A round table on talent as a strategic priority opens the events of the 30th anniversary of the Alava Technology Park

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Itziar Epalza, Director General of the Basque Technology Park Network, will open the event together with the Deputy General of Alava, Ramiro González

On Friday 23rd September, the Alava Technology Park is holding the first event of its 30th Anniversary. Under the title ‘Talent, improving the present and creating the future’, the aim of the round table is to bring the values of science and technology closer to Alava’s society and to share the work of its companies in terms of talent.

The meeting, which will start at 9 a.m. in the Park’s central building, will feature a speech by Itziar Epalza, director of the Basque Technology Park Network, who will be accompanied by Ramiro González, deputy general of Álava, and representatives of four companies from the Technology Park: Cegasa, with its R&D director, Igor Cantero; SPC with Teresa Acha-Orbea, general manager; I+Med and its general manager Manu Muñoz; and Tecnalia, with Miren Unceta, director of People Unit Lab Services.

Talent is a strategic priority for the Alava Technology Park. How to retain and attract talent will be one of the questions to be answered at the conference. The heads of the companies will share their best practices and there will be a 90-minute debate on the future of talent and its impact on the economy of Alava. It is no coincidence that the Park is the largest concentration of knowledge and talent in the historical territory of Alava.

The conference, organised by Diario Noticias de Álava, has as its title part of the slogan with which the Alava Technology Park celebrates its 30th anniversary -Creating the future- and will have its central event next October with a celebration to be attended by numerous people who have been and are part of this project, together with institutional, economic and social representatives from Alava.


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